Shrimp Wonton Noodle Set (For up to 10pax) (Halal)

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Packing: 3box CP Shrimp Wonton + 1kg Fresh Wonton Noodle
Storage Condition:
Frozen - CP Shrimp Wanton
Fresh Ambient - Fresh Wonton Noodle (Keep Refrigerated up to 5days if not consumed on same day) / May be kept Frozen if desired.

Country of Origin: 
Wonton - Thailand
Noodle - Singapore

Halal Certified for both items.

Shrimp wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet served in a delicious savory soup along with a new and improved noodle and crips vegetable, making this dish a great balanced and wholesome meal. Noodles are freshly made daily and delivered to you!

Serve up to 10 adults size portions.
(Do not have to finish/cook all at once)