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Roasted Duck Breast Whole PROMO PACK 2pkt / 4pkt (Halal) ** LIMITED TIME FLASH PROMO**

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Packing: 1pc/pkt x 2pkt / 4pkt
Size per pc: 150-170gm/pc
Storage Condition: Frozen
Shelf Life: Printed on Packaging
Country of Origin: Thailand

Easily prepare a tasty duck breast meal at home.
Sizzle the juicy duck breast on a pan and enjoy the succulent duck breast meat with crispy skin! You WILL come back for more!
Can be sliced and served with salads or noodles!
Ideal for family.

Reheating Instructions(Please Read):
1) Thaw overnight in Chiller/Thaw in water with packaging on.
(A MUST procedure to avoid meat core being hard)

2) Cook in Oven for 6-8mins at 200°C*
2) Place into Air Fryer for 7-9mins at 180°C*
2) Pan fry to perfection with cripsy skin on small-medium fire as desired.

Ideal to serve with Rice or Mash Potato on the side.

(*Performance of equipment may differ accordingly, please check the duck breast from time to time.)