Vismark Laksa Combo Set 1set - Serves up to 15pax (Halal)

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Cook Laksa at home like a Chef! 1 Set can be used multiple time.*

Packing Consist of:
1kg Laksa Paste
1lit KARA Coconut Milk
2tin Carnation Milk
5pkt Kang Kang Laksa Noodle

Shelf Life: 12months

Laksa Paste Refrigerate after opening: 2weeks

Halal Certified.
Professional Paste & Sauces use by Chefs.
We use mainly fresh ingredients for our Paste & Sauces.
Note: Seasoning is NOT added in the paste as we are using fresh ingredients.
You can add Chicken Powder/Cube to the water and add Salt. 
Click below for our easy Video Guide.

1min YouTube Cooking Instructions: (Click Me)

1kg Set is able to prepare: Up to 15 adult portions (Depending on serving size of bowl)

*Coconut Milk and Carnation Milk after opened is recommended to finish using. For futher cooking, suggest to purchase new Kara Coconut Milk and Carnation Milk for food safety reasons.