Hot Pot Family Combo Set (8 items)

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Packing: 1set
Package Consist of: 
- 1pkt Hai Di Lao Chicken Broth 110gm
- 1pkt Hai Di Lao Spicy Flavor 220gm
- 1pkt Beef Short Plate Sliced 300gm & 1pkt Pork Belly Sliced / 2pkt Beef Short Plate Sliced / 2pkt Pork Belly Sliced
- 1box CP Shrimp Wonton 154gm
- 1pkt Fishball with Roe 500gm
- 1pkt Emerald Raw Prawns 500gm
- 1pkt Kang Kang Laksa Noodle 420gm

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