CP Shrimp Wanton Noodle with Vegetable 219gm/bowl (Halal)

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Packing: 219gm/bowl
Storage Condition: Frozen
Shelf Life: 12months
Country of Origin: 

Halal Certified.

Shrimp wrapped in a delicate pastry sheet served in a delicious savory soup along with a new and improved noodle and crips vegetable, making this dish a great balanced and wholesome meal



1. Add soup powder into bowl and add water to the indicated line, cover the bowl loosely to let steam escape during heating

2. Microwave on high (900-1000 watt) for 4.00 -5.00 minutes 3. Carefully remove from microwave as product will be hot.

**Heating time may vary based on power (watt) and model of microwave.