Frozen Singapore Chilli Crab (Halal)

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Singapore's First Frozen Chilli/Black Pepper Crab in Supermarket!
Our Crab uses CAS Freezing Technology patented from Japan.
Most affordable Crab with Sauce in Supermarket (Crab per kg cost)!

1pc Cooked and Cleaned Crab >600gm & 1pkt 200gm Sauce
Storage Condition: Frozen
Shelf Life: 12months

Actual Live Crab Size Before Cooked & Cleaned: 750-900gm size

Mud Crab is specially frozen using Japan's Cell Alive System(CAS) Freezing Technology to ensure that the meat stay fresh and firm. 
Vismark is the 1st company in Singapore to list in Frozen Chilli Crab in Singapore Supermarket.

Important Reminder: 
DO NOT to defrost the crab as it will lose moisture and firmness to the meat.

Halal Certified.
Each Crab is Cleaned and hence no prior knowledge of slaughtering a crab is required.
Corn Starch and Egg x2 NOT included.
Simple and easy to prepare in just 15mins!