Skin & Co ROMA - Truffle Therapy Ultra Pure Facial Oil 30ml

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Kiss dry, dull, and flaky skin goodbye! Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream is a highly concentrated gel-crème cleanser formulated to deeply cleanse skin, remove makeup, dirt and impurities, effectively keeping pores free and clear from congestion and blemishes while soothing and calming sensitivity-prone complexions. Formulated with pure Black Winter Truffle Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Mallow Leaf, and Chamomile, this gentle cleanser delivers intense hydration, nourishing moisture, while improving skin’s resilience and tone.  Complete with essential fatty acids, skin’s natural moisture barrier is restored to maintain a supple and radiant complexion.

Ideal for all skin types, Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream is an essential step in the cleansing routine for removing makeup, dirt and impurities accumulated throughout the day, for hydrated and radiant skin.

What it Does:

  • Cleansing: sulfate-free, plant-based formula gently cleanses without stripping skin of moisture, as well as replenishes nourishing hydration to dry skin
  • Purifying: anti-inflammatory and antiseptic plant botanicals deeply cleanse pores, effectively prevent reoccurrence of blemish-causing bacteria – revealing a more refreshed complexion
  • Nourishing: plant-based oils, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals feeds and plumps skin for a more youthful, hydrated, and nourished complexion
  • Brightening: botanical extracts repair skin cells damaged by free radicals and environmental aggressors, protects skin from further damage, and brightens blemishes and discoloration

Key Ingredients

  • Black Winter Truffle – contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) that finds cells damaged by free radicals and environmental aggressors to reverse and prevent further damage
  • Sweet Almond Oil – high in monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, along with Vitamins A & E, Sweet Almond Oil works well as a deep cleansing treatment removing makeup, oil, dirt and impurities accumulated throughout the day
  • Mallow Leaf Extract– soothing and softening, Malva Sylvestris, also known as Mallow, is a powerful emollient botanical extract that provides skin with a protective moisture barrier for dry and sensitive skin
  • Chamomile Extract – a popular soothing and therapeutic floral extract, Chamomile is a powerhouse packed with phytoactive essential oils known to soothe sensitive and heal damaged skin, and prevent blemishes with antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Centella Asiatica Extract – also known as Gotu Kola or Tiger Grass, this multitasking botanical extract boasts many reparative, protective, and anti-inflammatory properties to help skin heal from scarring, boost collagen production, antioxidant protection, and improves the appearance of dark spots and discoloration