Skin & Co ROMA - Truffle Therapy Serum 30ml (BEST SELLER)

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Formulated around the antioxidant properties of the Black Winter Truffle, Truffle Therapy™ Serum is infused with potent skin-renewing botanicals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and vitamins to restore skin’s natural vibrancy and radiance.  Masterfully crafted in Umbria, Italy, this powerful, multitasking skin perfecting treatment soothes and refines the appearance of uneven textured skin, revealing a healthier complexion. 

Ideal for all skin types, Truffle Therapy Serum prepares and protects skin for daily environmental and free radical damage, and doubles as a primer to create the perfect base for makeup application.

What it Does:

  • Perfecting: tightens the appearance of pores, and refines the depth of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protecting: antioxidant botanicals rescue cells distressed by environmental aggressors and free radicals, while protecting skin from further damage
  • Nourishing: plant-based oils and nutrients feeds and plumps skin for a more youthful, healthy and radiant complexion

 Key Ingredients

  • Black Winter Truffle – contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) that finds cells damaged by free radicals and environmental aggressors to reverse and prevent further damage
  • Hibiscus Extract – relaxes the appearance of fine lines, while tightening pores and improving skin’s radiance and clarity
  • Hyaluronic Acid – naturally occurring in healthy, Hyaluronic Acid attracts and binds moisture to skin for a supple and firm complexion
  • Irish Moss – a type of red algae, restores vitality and health in skin and refines appearance for more even complexion
  • Rosehip – rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that plumps and rejuvenates skin, reduces the appearance of blemishes and scarring, as well as boosting collagen and cell regeneration
  • Allantoin – an excellent moisturizing ingredient with gentle, non-irritating properties to soothe sensitive skin while improving texture and tone of the complexion