Ishiwata Shoten Kesennuma Collagen XO Sauce 145gm (Michelin Star Uses this Product)

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Packing: 145gm/btl
Storage Condition: Ambient
Shelf Life: Printed on Packaging

Refrigerate after opening: 2weeks

Collagen XO Sauce from Kesennuma recipe is based on the original XO sauce that originates from Hong Kong. Apart from scallops, Kesennuma use a range of other ingredients, including crisp-fried fish skin that contain collagen, Jinhua ham that is rich in umami flavors, dried shrimp roes that enhances fragrance and shallots, soybeans and Sichuan chili that adds in a tingling aftertaste. All these condiments added together produce a sophisticated blend of umami savory tastes and spiciness. 

Product does not contain any chemical or artificial preservatives. Each bottle is made by hand in the factories of Kesennuma to ensure the best quality possible.