Cordyceps with Probiotics (60capsule)

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Packing: 60 Capsule/btl
Storage: Keep in Cool Dry Place (Avoid Sunlight)

- Qilogy Singapore

We all have had, or will have, that one relative, loved one or friend who has been diagnosed with a serious illness, often requiring a hefty medical bill to cure or to just prevent the condition from worsening. The Founders of Qilogy are no exception. Through our own personal experience, prevention is definitely better than cure.

With that in mind, the founders set up Qilogy. Qi, written in Mandarin as “气”, means breath, or in Traditional Chinese Medicinal terms, energy, the essence and vitality of life. By building up the one’s Qi, or constitution, it is our belief that many illnesses can be avoided and one can feel more vitalized.

Qilogy, aims to strengthen and nourish the bodies of our customers by providing premium yet affordable products and supplements to enrich their life, for the rest of their life.

Qilogy, your health supplement partner for life, for life.