Adjustable Transparent Face Shield 1pc (6yr old or below Young Children Size) (Limited to 3pcs per transaction)

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Face Shield is use by professional medical staff in front line.

1. The mask effectively protects your entire face, preventing dust from entering the eyes through flying dust and saliva!
2. The protective mask is comfortable to wear and protects the face and eyes.
(Note: Mask MUST still be worn even when wearing face shield)
3. The transparent frame design for wide vision.
4. Made of high-quality materials, the mask is anti-fog, waterproof, dust-proof, odorless, lightweight, super soft, highly breathable and protective.

PC Size: Approx. 25 x 17cm 
Function: anti-fog, anti-droplets, kitchen oil-proof, splash-proof 

(Above information are extracted from vendor product description)

Limited to 3pcs per transaction 
(Benefit of doubt, Shopping Cart CANNOT proceed when you add more than 3pcs)